BikerGirls Comprehensive Motorcycle Insurance

In 1915 Avis and Effie Hotchkiss, a mother and daughter team, rode from New York to California to attend the San Francisco World’s Fair while making themselves the first female riders to cross the United States. They rode on a three speed V-twin Harley Davidson equipped with a sidecar to accommodate Avis. It took them two months and, upon reaching San Francisco, Effie made it a point to make a splash in the Pacific Coast ocean so that she experienced the waters of both coasts, and, in a sense, live up to altering the tides of the times before making their way back to New York!

The next year, two society women in their 20s, sisters Adeline and Augusta Van Buren bought a pair of Indian Powerplus Bikes. They were the first people ever to climb up and down Pike’s Peak. They, too, completed a transcontinental ride. Their 3,300-mile trip took almost two months, and they had to contend not only with many unpaved roads, but also with social mores. Once they were arrested for publicly wearing trousers

Known as the Motorcycle Queen of Miami, Bessie Stringfield started riding when she was 16. She was the first African-American woman to travel cross-country solo, and she did it at age 19 in 1929, riding a 1928 Indian Scout. Bessie traveled through all of the lower 48 states during the ’30s and ’40s at a time when the country was rife with prejudice and hatred. She later rode in Europe, Brazil, and Haiti and during World War II she served as one of the few motorcycle despatch riders for the United States military.

Vivian Bales, The “Enthusiast Girl” was a young, female rider who appeared on the cover of The Harley-Davidson Enthusiast magazine in May and November, 1929 and toured the country on her Harley-Davidson motorcycle following her cover shot. Harley-Davidson will always be grateful to her for the goodwill she spread on her cross-country motorcycle trip, a trip that would make her one of the first great women riders.

AND now we are here in 2013 – still as excited!

Bikeline is a South African Based Company, Big enough to negotiate best insurance rates and cover – small enough to give professional personalized service and advice Bikeline was established in 2000 and is approved by various clubs, organizations and dealerships.

Our Bikergirls hav been working in the short-term insurance industry for over 22 years. Bikeline’s personnel are all keen bikers and through their experience, you can be assured that Bikeline not only knows the industry, but also understands client’s needs. Bikeline is a specialist Motorcycle & Leisure insurance broker, dedicated to providing the best products and insurance solutions.

Awesome news! All you Bikergirls have your own tailormade motorcycle insurance product called “Diamonds & Dust” – just for the ladies – Exclusive to Bikeline.

Motorcycle insurance benefits

  • Track day cover
  • Fixed Excess option
  • Personal accident cover
  • Discount for mature riders
  • Learners licences accepted
  • Up to 3 riders per bike
  • Quick claims handling
  • Specified ALL RISKS Cover
  • Your choice of repairer