comprehensive motorcycle insurance

BikerGirls Comprehensive Motorcycle Insurance

Welcome to Diamonds and Dust – Motorcycle Insurance designed by Bikeline exclusively lady bikers. An initiative by Trudi Carr who been riding motorcycles since highschool and Marga Visagie who recently found her passion for biking on a Repsol Honda.
Statically it shows that lady riders have a significantly lower accident ratio than their male counterparts. Lady motorcyclists will benefit from our expertise, the low rates, low excesses, AA Roadside Assistance and our VIP Lifestyle Product.

We are also excited to announce that we are in the process of negotiating further special promotions and discounts exclusive for our Lady Riders. These promotions will be published on the website.
Bikelines’ Diamond and Dust is approved and endorsed by various motorcycle associations, organisations and clubs.

Motorcycle insurance benefits

  • Track days – All Classes
  • All Risk Cover for your kit
  • Various Excess choices
  • Speedy claims settlement
  • Professional Service and Advise by our Bikergirls
  • Specialist Underwriters
  • Learners licence accepted
  • Discounted rates for certain classes of bikes
  • Discounted rates for Mature rider
  • Roadside Assist
  • The ONLY choice for your Bike Insurance
  • **Terms and conditions apply